Blog Rules

  1. Please keep to the topic of the post. Do not go off-topic or launch into a tirade on a minor point. Please address what is given to you.
  2. Disagreement is perfectly fine, however be willing to demonstrate why you disagree. Simply posting a blanket opinion or retort is not edifying for anyone. If you post something similar to, "I disagree," you will be asked to demonstrate your argument. If you are unable to or refuse to do so, your opinion will not be entertained.
  3. Please do not simply post something you have copy and pasted from somewhere else, or have copy and pasted on other blogs. Don't simply respond to the topic discussed, but what the blog author has said. I have been able to catch people just copying and pasting stuff before, and if you try to do this, it will not be accepted. If it is accepted, it will only be to call you out on it and warn others.
  4. Please be respectful. Use of crass, crude or abusive language will not be tolerated. Ad hominems and personal attacks against the blog author or other readers will also not be tolerated. Posts with swear words will absolutely not be accepted, whereas ad hominems or personal attacks may receive a warning.
  5. This blog is a supporter of sola scriptura, and when discussing scriptural topics, it is advised that scripture be used.