Sunday, April 25, 2010

John Wesley's Resolutions

The following is from John Wesley's journal:
With regard to my own behavior, I now renewed and wrote down my former resolutions.
  1. To use absolute openness and unreserve with all I should converse with.
  2. To labor after continual seriousness, not willingly indulging myself in any the least levity of behavior, or in laughter; no, not for a moment.
  3. To speak no word which does not tend to the glory of God; in particular, not to talk of worldly things. Others may, nay, must. But what is that to thee? And,
  4. To take no pleasure which does not tend to the glory of God; thanking God every moment for all I do take, and therefore rejecting every sort and degree of it which I feel I cannot so thank Him in and for. [from the entry on Tuesday, February 28, 1738]