Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Finding God in Our Humility

The following is from Matthew Henry's commentary on the Bible, and is from the section dealing with Exodus 3:1-6.
He was keeping the flock (tending sheep) near mount Horeb. This was a poor employment for a man of his parts and education, yet he rests satisfied with it, and thus learns meekness and contentment to a high degree, for which he is more celebrated in sacred writ than for all his other learning. Note, in the calling to which we are called we should abide, and not be given to change. Even hose that are qualified for great employments and services must not think it strange if they be confined to obscurity; it was the lot of Moses before them, who foresaw nothing to the contrary but that he should die, as he had lived a great while, a poor despicable shepherd. Let those that think themselves buried alive be content to shine like lamps in their sepulchers, and wait till God's time come for setting them on a candlestick. Thus employed Moses was, when he was honoured with this vision. Note, God will encourage industry. The shepherds were keeping their flocks when they received the tidings of our Savior's birth, Lu. 2:8. Satan loves to find us idle; God is well pleased when he find us employed. Retirement is a good friend to our communion with God. When we are alone, the Father is with us. Moses saw more of God in a desert than ever he had seen in Pharaoh's court.