Saturday, June 19, 2010

Acts 17 apologists arrested

A few days ago, some of the Christian apologists of the Acts 17 ministry (including David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi) were arrested at the Arabic Festival in Dearborn, Michigan (which, incidentally, has both Muslim and Christian Arabs). They were released the next day, although many people are in shock over this incident. This also isn't the first time they've had problems. Here is the video from their experience at Arabic Festival in 2009. Note the rather blatant camera hitting and aggressiveness. The video was used by Acts 17 to avoid the legal charges made against them by some of their attackers.

Here is an article on their blog detailing the events of the 2010 Arabic Festival. An excerpt:
But to take the edge off your curiosity, here are some basics: Paul, David, Negeen, and I went to the festival to see and comment on the situation. Thankfully, we recorded every second of our activity at the festival. At one point, we came across a festival volunteer who seemed to take issue with us simply being at the festival. We could tell he had a problem with us, and so we asked "What are we doing wrong?" He said "Put the camera and microphone down, and I'll tell you." (By the way, there was more to this conversation, but when you see the footage, I think you'll see I'm being fair in my summary.) So I obliged, handing the microphone to David and asking him to not record the man. I then approached him and said "No camera, no mic, tell me what we're doing wrong", he said "Get away from me!" (or something to that effect). Again, I obliged, and walked away.

About 20 minutes later, to shouts and cheers of "Allahu Akbar!" we were all being led away from the festival in handcuffs. From the brief description we were given by the police of why we were being arrested, it sounds like the festival volunteer said we surrounded him and didn't give him an opportunity to leave, thereby "breaching the peace." This is as blatantly false as an accusation can get.


  1. I remember watching that video when they posted it last year. Funny how they claim to be willing to answer questions but then become hostile to those who were trying to seek answers. Unfortunately, I know a few Christians like that too

  2. Much of the animosity seems to be because they had video cameras, and while I can understand a person gets nervous when they realize they're being filmed, what is there to hide? Especially if the purpose you are serving is to explain your faith.

    Some might wonder about what would happen if the shoe was on the other foot. Well, I was helping out with a festival held at the church I was attending in Norfolk, and we had something like that. Namely, we had non-Christians and even those from other denominations arriving and asking questions. I enjoyed answering and talking to people, because I saw it as education and interaction. What if they had video cameras, you might ask? I probably would have been more cautious of my words, but I would have still interacted. In fact, I sometimes wish I had naysayers or negative minded people so that I could respond to tougher questions for the edification of those present.

    And you are right that there are certainly Christians like this as well. I'm sure you remember that story where I went to a megachurch in Virginia Beach and was walking around taking pictures, only to be approached my a man from the congregation who instructed me to put my camera away. I was told you had to ask permission before taking pictures. I could only think to myself, What do they have to hide? That they worship Jesus?