Friday, June 4, 2010

Ergun Caner's Arabic

Dr. James White, with his Arabic tutor, reviews the supposed use of Arabic language by Ergun Caner.

EDIT - JANUARY 9, 2011: I received contact from a Lebanese Christian who came across this post and said she literally laughed out loud at how badly Ergun Caner was trying to speak Arabic. An excerpt of what she sent me:
There was an Arabic tube on your blog that made me laugh so so so much at the man who was trying to make like he knows the language! it's like not even close!!!...

We [Lebanese Christians] say that Jesus is Son of God
In Lebanon we use Yashu not Issa by the way and sometimes we do say Jesus Son of God. But in the right context, you know.

I am fluent in Arabic like really fluent, like it is the language i dream in it!! and this guy was hilarious! No but really, not even sounding close, like the letters and the way we pronounce is super super bad imitation! Like i can fake better German!!