Sunday, March 6, 2011

James White Reviews NOOMA 15.

James White responds with a Rob Bell NOOMA video, mostly dealing with Christian history, supposed parallels between Christianity and various pagan beliefs, as well as Rob Bell's concluding remark "You are the gospel."


  1. It's funny; the first thing I thought of was the book Case for the Real Jesus of which I own a copy and have read. I thought it interesting that White brought that book up. Also, the real shame with Bell is that even the secular world gets the so try of Attis correct:

    Attis' Story.

    Really shameful for him to have to be corrected from a source as simple as Wikipedia.

  2. One error made by Rob Bell that Dr. White missed I feel I need to point out: Rob Bell said the Roman Empire went from England to India. Actually, the furthest east the Roman Empire ever got was modern-day Kuwait, and even then it was held only for a time during their existence.

    ...yeah yeah, OK OK, I'm splitting hairs, but still.