Monday, October 1, 2012

What happened in one Christian home...

The following is somewhat inspired by real events, though greatly exaggerated...

One night a Christian husband came home from work. He saw the only light on at the house was a dim lamp light seen through the living room window, but he thought nothing of it. Perhaps his wife was already asleep. He was happy to get home from a long, tiring day to her, and he looked forward to finding rest. He didn't expect any further trouble.

That was until he opened the front door. As he entered, he looked to his right, into the living room, and saw his wife sitting alone, on a chair that faced the door. She was tugging on a handkerchief and had her knees and feet together, suggesting she had been there for some time, waiting anxiously for him to get home.

"Hey, honey," the husband said, smiling at his wife, "are you all right?"

The wife looked up at him, and immediately the husband saw her eyes were red from crying, and dried tear trails could be seen on her cheeks. As if trying to find the right words, she bit at her lower lip, then finally said:

"I...was on your laptop earlier..."

As soon as she uttered those words, the husband felt his heart sink. His eyes widened, and all he could mutter was, "...were you?"

"And..." The wife shivered, holding back another round of tears. "...and...I found something..."

The husband dropped his briefcase near the door, walking into the living room, "What did you find...?"

"Well...I was going through your personal files, and found a video...I..." The words died coming out, and she could only shake her head, "I...I thought I could trust you! You were hiding this from me?!"

She was getting excitable, and tears were already starting to drop from her eyes again. The husband sighed and said, "I'm not trying to hide anything from you. What was it you found?"

The wife lifted her arms up, showing she had the husband's laptop on her lap. She opened it up and turned it around, resting it on the table beside her. A video was opened up full screen - a video the wife couldn't even bear to watch. She turned her face away, knowing the husband would at least be able to see it, and that was all she desired. And indeed he saw it. There was a heavy feeling of embarrassment and sadness as he looked at the laptop and saw...

...Dave Hunt's presentation What Love is This?

"What?!" the husband said. "Baby, no wait, I can't explain..."

"I thought my theology was enough for you!" the wife screamed, standing up and storming out of the room.

The husband chased after her, "Baby! No wait, it's just research! I wanted to listen to him and give a response!"

"I'M GOING HOME TO MOTHER!" shouted a voice from the bedroom.

"I promise!...Wait!...Don't slam that door!..."

Submitted for your approval...a man watching Dave Hunt. He tried to keep it a secret...but no one can keep any secrets once they find themselves in...the Twilight Zone...