Friday, July 12, 2013

Some Thoughts on Tweeting

One of the things I dislike is when I click on a tweet by someone I follow, and I see a slew of responses made by people who are mainly taking pot shots at the individual. Most of them seem to serve very little purpose other than to make the poster feel good, or make them feel as if they've done something useful, and many of them are either just empty insults or contentions made ad nauseum. It can be a bit aggravating and tiresome to see, not because of what they say but because of the repetitive, empty nature of it.

Then again, I see people doing this to the Twitter accounts of heretics and false teachers as well. There are times when even that can be aggravating or tiresome to see.

Now, if previous posts are any inclination, I've made responses to the Twitter accounts of heretics or false teachers myself. What I try to do (as consistently as I can), however, is to pick and choose my battles. I try to make a response when I see something that can have a valid contention made to it. If Joel Osteen's Twitter account makes a post saying God wants you to have a good day today, I choose not to write a response because, really, it's just not worth it. On the other hand, if someone makes a poor application of scripture that is provably erroneous, I might make a post asking them to clarify their position, or pointing out the error. That's the other point I want to make: I try, as best I can, to make a post that would hopefully spur conversation, not just make a pot shot at the person in a tweet that amounts to "You suck." Most of the time I don't get responses from them, but sometimes I will get followers responding and attempting to give answers, which I have found to be useful in the long run.

It's also beneficial because, if you make valid contentions or ask a question that raises a valid point, and the other person ignores you, then you have good reason to wonder why they're doing so. On the other hand, if you keep responding a gazillion times with what amounts to "NO U WRONG BRO!", don't be surprised if you never get a response. Don't be surprised if you get blocked, either. Heck, I'd probably block you if you did that to me.

Yes I know, I can't control what other people do on the internet - but folks, let's try to pick our battles. Spamming four thousand messages on Joyce Meyer's account isn't going to make her repent of her ways (I highly doubt many of these accounts are even directly handled by said individual, any way). I'm not saying you shouldn't stand up for the truth, nor am I saying you shouldn't call out false teachers for their lies and blasphemy...but as I said before, let's pick and choose our battles. Let's not turn ourselves into stumbling blocks for others. And let's not be annoying - the internet has enough of those kinds of people already.