Monday, July 1, 2013

The Most Important Thing a Christian Should Know

Imagine in your head that it's World War II, and the Normandy beachhead is about to be invaded. A plane carrying elements of the 82nd Airborne is flying over the drop zones, and the soldiers are preparing to leap out. Then, two soldiers engage in a conversation.

"Do you think your chute will open?" says the first one.

The second shrugs, "I hope so."

The first one is taken aback by this, and he asks, "Do you know how to open your chute?"


"Do you know how to guide yourself after it's opened?"


"Do you know how to land when you get to the ground?"

"I couldn't tell you. But I hope things work out!"

Imagine all that unfolding...what would you make of it? You would probably imagine the second soldier was foolish, or at fault for not doing his homework. You would have figured someone doing something as important as jumping from a plane would have done just a little bit more research for assurance. You would think that, of all topics an airborne soldier would need to know, how to handle your parachute should have been top of his priorities.

And yet, many Christians are this exact same way in regards to their salvation.

I have met many who called themselves Christians and yet only had a vague idea of their salvation. Ask them what scripture teaches on salvation, and they'll tell you, "I don't know." Ask them how their salvation functions in relation to God, and they'll say, "I don't know." Ask them if they're saved, and they'll say, "I hope so." The importance of the matter seems completely lost on them.

Folks, the fact of the matter is that salvation is important. Eternity is a long time. When you are resurrected, there will be no second chance to do some studying and make certain you truly were saved, just as there is no second chance to make certain your parachute works once you jump out of an airplane. If you are in this camp of "I hope I'm saved," I would strongly encourage you to take this time now to study what scripture teaches about salvation - not just how to be saved but what happens after you are saved. It is the most important thing you will ever study, and will carry the greatest benefits. You will find that you will have great assurance, and receive comfort. You will have no doubt that, once you jump out of that plane, your chute will indeed open.