Saturday, September 7, 2013

Was Mike Bickle a Roman Catholic?

I've seen in some discernment groups the statement that Mike Bickle had been a Roman Catholic, hence some of his beliefs on prayer. They get it from a claim made by Roman Catholic apologist Keith Major, on his personal blog, who said that the director of the International House of Prayer was a former Roman Catholic. The director of IHOP-KC, of course, is Mike Bickle. I wrote a response to Keith Major's post, but it went into awaiting permission mode, and it never went through. As such, to help keep people from getting confused, I thought I would touch on this subject for a moment.

The statement that Mike Bickle was a former Roman Catholic is simply not true. He mentions, for example, his "Presbyterian youth leaders" on page 6 of his book Growing in the Prophetic, talking about a time when he was 16-years old. There is no record in Bickle's account of his life that he ever went to Rome or considered himself a convert to that church. Regarding his adulthood (before he became involved in the Hyper-Charismatic movement), Bickle writes in the same book (quoting from the 2008 printing):
...I was a conservative evangelical doing youth ministry, hoping one day to attend Dallas Theological Seminary. [pg. 6]
Again, there is no evidence that Mike Bickle was ever a Roman Catholic.