Friday, January 31, 2014

Is your church a cult of personality?

The following is a good article from the Gospel Coalition website, and is addressed to pastors on how to avoid turning their church into a cult of personality centered around them. In this day and age when many churches are becoming such places, this is definitely something to seek to avoid.

An excerpt:
How do you handle criticism? Are people punished for criticizing you? Do you provide avenues for feedback? Do you request feedback from people who love God, love his Word, love you, and do not fear you? Do not wait for criticism but habitually plead for feedback. Make it a regular practice when you meet with church members to ask, "Do you have any feedback for me?" This example models humility, puts them in a position to share honestly, and helps you grow in ways you have not yet considered. 
If you never receive healthy criticism or punish those who do, you might be establishing a cult of personality.
Full Article: How to Avoid a Cult of Personality