Monday, January 13, 2014

The Wave Church/Current FM Connection

Over on my blog post about Wave Church and its cultic teachings on leadership, I got a response from one Anne Verebely, who defended Wave Church, calling it "a pretty great church to be a part of" and accusing Frank Rue of "constantly trying to tear down the church" he used to belong to. One advantage of the IntenseDebate add-on I use for comments is that I receive notifications by email whenever someone responds to my blog, and it tells me what email account the person is using to be able to post. I received similar information for this response. Out of curiosity (because the email seemed to belong to a website), I Googled the name and email account, and found that Anne Verebely was connected to a radio station called The Current.

The Current is the Christian radio station at 88.5 FM in the Hampton Roads area, though their website explains that they're at 97.9 in Portsmouth and Chesapeake, 103.7 in Chesapeake as well, 103.9 in Norfolk and Hampton. Anne Verebely is listed as the General Manager (GM) of Current FM, which makes her one of the top people there (Bill Verebely, whom I assume is her husband, is the president). On their Events page, events at Wave Church are listed among others. Their Facebook page likewise advertises events occurring at Wave Church.

Those in the Hampton Roads area who listen to radio, and you might listen to The Current, keep in mind who they are keeping fellowship with, and who they are supporting. Those at The Current should try to examine whether or not Wave Church truly teaches what is sound, biblical doctrine, and whether or not Steve Kelly honors the plain meaning of the word of God. If they do not, and he does not, then they should not partake of fellowship with him.