Monday, March 3, 2014

IHOP-KC and the Bethany Deaton Murder

Some time ago, a murder occurred involving those had had been attending the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, and it involved what was ultimately a mini-cult. Initially, I hadn't written or said much on the Deaton murder case, partially because the initial reports seemed to suggest IHOP-KC was completely separated from it, and I was awaiting until the "dust had settled" (so to speak) and had a clearer picture of what had happened. Recently, some interesting articles had come out that shed a big light on the Deaton murder: not only on what happened, but what implications it reveals regarding how IHOP-KC operates.

Love and Death In the House of Prayer - The Rolling Stone article on Tyler Deaton's cult and the murder of Bethany Deaton.

What Rolling Stone Didn't Tell You About Tyler Deaton - This article presents some insider information regarding IHOP-KC's dealing with the Tyler Deaton affair. Most importantly, it discusses how the environment at IHOP-KC bred such a group as Deaton's cult.

Herrington tells a story of being rebuked for questioning Deaton. “Tyler is the apostle of Southwestern,” he was told, “you need to do whatever he tells you!” Yet I could tell countless stories of how students who voiced disagreements with teachers at IHOP’s Bible school, my alma mater IHOPU, were treated in similar fashion. Many were reduced to tears; I was compared to heretics; a friend was told, “I’m fighting on the Lord’s side, whose side are you fighting on?” and most pointedly one teacher said, “The angel came to Mike, not you; who do you think we are going to listen to?”

“Mike would never say this,” Greaves said to a room full of students, “but I’m telling you, Mike Bickle is an Apostle.” At an August 2013 staff meeting, Bickle warned staff and students that God would judge them for how they responded to the prophetic encounters he and others leaders had about IHOP and the prayer movement [...]
 See also this blog post I made with some transcripts from IHOP-KC (by a member of the "underground church" there) that showcases more of what was discussed in that last paragraph.