Saturday, May 10, 2014

James White versus Dave Hunt on Calvinism

Here's is an oldie from back in the day: James White discussing Calvinism with the (now deceased) Dave Hunt. For those who listen to The Dividing Line, this is infamous for the "I'm very ignorant of the Reformers" line that Dave Hunt said (six months later, he claimed he knew more about Calvinism than most Calvinists).

Here is the link to the discussion.

Listening to it again after all these years, I felt absolutely sorry for Dave Hunt. He was either completely unprepared or (at the time of this recording) not mentally capable to engage in debate and discussion. His inability to stay with the text and give a direct answer to anything becomes painful after a while. Amazingly enough, some people still think his arguments against Calvinism are valid, which makes the preservation of this audio important, I suppose.