Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Podcast: Ernest Angley

In this episode, we provide a brief review of televangelist Ernest Angley, along with his questionable doctrines, and some statements I heard him and his staff make while I visited his church in person.

Much of this episode's content I owe to a study on Ernest Angley over at the discernment website Let Us Reason.

Here's the link to the blog post referencing Ernest Angley's teachings on the Latter Day Rain doctrine.

UPDATE - OCTOBER 13, 2014: I was sent a link to this article, discussing the allegations of sexual abuse at Ernest Angley's church, as well as his approval of abortions and vasectomies. I had encountered such allegations during my research for this podcast, but it had come from blog comments and fly by posts by people on news media, not "official" sources. This is the first source I've come across that placed it in a legitimate place for discussion.