Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Podcast: Ernest Angley

In this episode, we provide a brief review of televangelist Ernest Angley, along with his questionable doctrines, and some statements I heard him and his staff make while I visited his church in person.

Much of this episode's content I owe to a study on Ernest Angley over at the discernment website Let Us Reason.

Here's the link to the blog post referencing Ernest Angley's teachings on the Latter Day Rain doctrine.

UPDATE - OCTOBER 13, 2014: I was sent a link to this article, discussing the allegations of sexual abuse at Ernest Angley's church, as well as his approval of abortions and vasectomies. I had encountered such allegations during my research for this podcast, but it had come from blog comments and fly by posts by people on news media, not "official" sources. This is the first source I've come across that placed it in a legitimate place for discussion.

UPDATE - MARCH 30, 2017: I was sent this article, detailing the legal problems Ernest Angley's church has run into due to not paying the employees of his buffet. According to the article, Angley and the Cathedral Buffet "encouraged members of his church, Grace Cathedral, to work at the buffet without pay...the volunteers felt pressured to provide free labor." Now, a federal judge has demanded he pay over $388,000 in back wages and damage. This is on top of an incident in 2015, where the Labor Department found that Cathedral Buffet "violated the Fair Labor Standards Act through its use of volunteers and did not document the volunteers' work"; this had happened before in 1999, though Angley later told Buffet staff that "workers would need to give their paychecks back due to financial hardships at the buffet." Regarding the 2017 ruling, Angley's lawyer has said that Angley feels his workers "had an obligation to provide their labor to the Buffet, in service to God, and that a failure to offer their labor to the Buffet...would be the same as failing God." Well of course, because, according to Angley, God ordered him to make the buffet, and that's "God's buffet," and you should feel ashamed eating anywhere else on Sunday. (As we heard him say in the podcast.)