Friday, March 3, 2017

This Week in Review - 3/3/2017

Here's another roundup of highlights I found throughout the week.

What Did the Jewish Historian Josephus Really Say About Jesus? from Jonathan Morrow - Good article on the sections of Josephus regarding Christ that scholars dispute. As it turns out, when you remove the questionable parts, it still says a lot about the historicity of Jesus.

Eschatology Comparison from Five Solas - This isn't a cool piece of artwork like a lot of eschatology comparisons are, but it goes into detail about what various groups believe, how they differ, and what variants exist within the individual camps.

Leaving the NAR Church: Sean's story from Pirate Christian - A testimony from South Africa, where the Word of Faith, Prosperity Gospel, New Apostolic Reformation heresies are all thriving. I was reminded of the podcast I did with Kofi over that very subject.

The Cure for a Lack of Fruit in Our Christian Lives from Ligonier Ministries - A simple article discussing salvation, and how we can have an assurance of...well...assurance.

Does the Bible Tell Christians to Judge Not? from Answers in Genesis - A good article that not only refutes the commonly held myth that Jesus said we shouldn't judge anyone ever, but also talks on our own personal need for self-reflection and personal repentance.

Why Christian Kids Leave the Faith by Tim Challies - Obviously from a purely theological standpoint, it would be easy to throw 1 John 2:19 at the problem and call it a day. In a more practical, applicable standpoint, Tim Challies presents four prominent reasons, found in a study, as to why people left the faith, and what we can focus on to prevent, by God's grace and blessings, that such a thing happens to our children. It is definitely something on the minds of Christian parents (including myself).

5 Ways to Help Keep Your Kids From Becoming Secularized Worshipers from Natasha Crain - Guest author Alisa Childers gives some solid advice on how to help integrate your kids into your worship life. This includes living a God-centered worship life in front of them and teaching them to be discerning in what worship songs are actually saying.