Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Prayer and Prophetic Conference Tweets

Recently, the International House of Prayer had a Prayer and Prophetic Conference in their home territory of Kansas City. I watched the events in Thursday evening and, feeling inspired, decided to tweet my responses as things went along. I ended up tweeting a lot during the three days that the event unfolded. It was a good experience, and though I won't claim I "shook the heavens," I did get in some brief conversations with some people who work at IHOP-KC, as well as some people who had either left IHOP-KC or lost friends over IHOP-KC.

I thought for fun, I would share the tweets I made those days. The schedule can be found here.

October 11

NOTE: The following were in response to filler videos they were webstreaming before the conference events. They were a combination of interviews with Mike Bickle, round-table discussions held with members of IHOP-KC's staff, and interviews with individual leaders within IHOP-KC.

4:29 PM - Everyone in the New Testament spoke in tongues? So Paul was lying in 1 Cor 12:30? #IHOPKC

4:39 PM - "If it's not written in the Bible, I don't care." #mikebickle #ihopkc Then as John Owen once noted, why bother with revelation and prophecy?

4:58 PM - Why do Dominionists use "seven mountains"? Do they understand that has negative connotations in scripture? (Rev 17:9) #dominionism

5:00 PM - "Who knows when the Lord's returning..." #mikebickle You've openly said it'll happen within the next generation or the next several decades.

5:08 PM - "The Lord spoke to me and said..." Well then write it down and put it after Revelation, we have a new book of scripture. #ihopkc

5:14 PM - "Christ wants the church united." #mistyedwards I'm sorry, but Rom 16:17 forbids me from uniting with #ihopkc

5:18 PM - I can't help but feel, as I watch video after video, that one can basically idolize the prayer room. #ihopkc

NOTE: The following were tweeted while I was watching the Worship part of the day's events.

7:27 PM - There's an "Anna Anointing"? I don't recall Luke writing about that. #ThingsNotInTheBible #mikebickle #ihopkc

7:32 PM - "Sometimes Isaiah hides from me..." #mikebickle #PrayerProphetic He doesn't want his words misused.

7:36 PM - Isaiah 58:10 is about the prophetic ministry? That's incredible eisegesis. Isaiah is calling for repentance #mikebickle #PrayerProphetic

7:40 PM - Why does #ihopkc keep acting as if they're the new Temple? Do they know what happened to the LAST two...?

8:08 PM - How many times can one repeat a lyric? #PrayerProphetic

NOTE: At this point, the worship music stopped and we began to hear of a "prophecy" from Julie Meyer, namely a dream saying how God was blessing IHOP-KC. 

8:10 PM - Now we have someone talking about their dreams, which supposedly came from God. Jeremiah 23:28, any one? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:13 PM - "You shall not listen to the words of that prophet or that dreamer of dreams...God is testing you" (Deu 13:3) #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:16 PM - "They have seen false visions and lying divinations...the LORD has not sent them" (Eze 13:6) #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:19 PM - Should we welcome all "prophecies" of good things to come for our ventures? 1 Kings 22:19-23 says otherwise. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

NOTE: The following was tweeted during Session 2, done by Allen Hood.

8:28 PM - At the beginning of this sermon, we already have eisegesis into Song of Songs 1:3-4. #PrayProphetic #ihopkc

8:32 PM - We're doing some serious verse jumping. I've lost my place. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:37 PM - Did we just get Eph 3:16 turned into quid quo pro? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

9:53 PM - I'm sure when Christ warned about "many words" in prayer (Mt 6:7), he also meant repeating a lyric fifty times #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

October 12

2:34 PM - There is a thin line between concert and worship. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

2:41 PM - They just plugged "Growing in the Prophetic." I highly suggest it for eisegesis lessons. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

2:42 PM - David Brainerd is rolling over in his grave. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

NOTE: They had just mentioned Jonathan Edwards's book on David Brainerd.

2:43 PM - They just mentioned Jonathan Edwards. Now I'm rolling over in my grave, and I'm not dead. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

2:43 PM - Now a "7 Commitments of a Forerunner" plug - Also a book that's a fine example of eisegesis. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

NOTE: The following tweets were in response to Session 4, given by Brian Kim.

2:51 PM - Isaiah 42 is about what God is doing in #ihopkc ? Does Isaiah know that? #PrayerProphetic

2:51 PM - "That's kinda crazy!" Yeah it is. #briankim #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

NOTE: I forget the exact context of the previous tweet, but I'm guess it had something to do with IHOP-KC's warped eschatology.

2:55 PM - "Worldwide intercession movement" - Where is that in scripture? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

NOTE: I actually received a response to this from "danielprays," which I found out was the Twitter account of Daniel Lim, CEO of the International House of Prayer and someone I've reviewed on this blog before. He pointed me towards Malachi 1:11, Luke 18:1-8, and 1 Thessalonians 5:17. I pointed out that Malachi 1:11 was about the Gentiles (as often "nations" means in the Old Testament) coming into the fold, causing the Jews Malachi was speaking with to become jealous (hence the "for" at the start of the verse). I pointed out that Luke 18:1-8 was about why we should "pray and not lose heart," as v. 1 says plainly, not about a worldwide intercession movement. I pointed out that 1 The 5:17 was simply telling us to pray without ceasing, not speaking about any specific movement. Obviously I didn't say all this in so many words given the limitation of Twitter, but it was the gist of what I said. Since then, the tweets sent to me by Daniel Lim have disappeared. I didn't delete them and I haven't blocked him - I don't know if he deleted them, or Twitter went buggy. Either way, when you go to my Twitter account and go to this date, you'll see me talking to him, but without any of his original tweets.

2:57 PM - We've established the existence of our theology before looking at scripture. That can be a very dangerous thing. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

3:02 PM - "Get ready to sing"-that's not in Isa 42:10-13. It's talking about what we should do now, even during Isaiah's life #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

3:04 PM - Col 3:16 does not say we teach one another by songs. It says we teach AND sing. Separate things. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

3:15 PM - "You who go down to the sea, and all that fills it, the coastlands and their inhabitants"-How is this islands? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

NOTE: In fairness, the Hebrew word used here for "coastlands" can mean "islands." My main contention was towards the application of this verse to the specific work of IHOP-KC, as if Isaiah was predicting that. Isaiah, in the full context of the verse, is actually talking about merchants on the coasts of ancient Israel, who would sail to places like Malta, Cyprus, Crete, etc. It isn't about IHOP-KC missionaries going to Pacific islands.

3:16 PM - "My mentor Lou Engle..." Well there's your first problem! #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

3:18 PM - OK, no really, how is Isa 42:10-12 about #ihopkc missionaries? #PrayerProphetic

NOTE: The following are in response to filler videos again.

4:08 PM - I don't doubt people in need are being helped, and while that's good...at what cost? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

4:19 PM - I've got it - #ihopkc eschatology is essentially impatient postmillennialism.

4:49 PM - "Jesus...probably will return in my lifetime." Didn't he say no one knows the day or the hour? (Mk 13:32) #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

NOTE: The following tweets are in response to the musical performance.

6:09 PM - What do Wayne Newton, Ray Charles, and the Prayer Room have in common? Three young female backup singers. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

6:15 PM - Writing worship songs seems so easy. I don't know why Charles Wesley spent so much time writing so many lyrics. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

6:28 PM - When we sing, are we looking for a "spiritual high," or for edification? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

6:52 PM - I feel sad for the worship singers. They look incredibly exhausted. I pray they are freed from this yoke. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

NOTE: At this point the band was starting to ease out the music, and they started praying for healing miracles.

6:59 PM - Now we're cold calling. Peter Popoff would be proud. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:03 PM - I don't know why Paul told Timothy to have wine for his ailments (1 Tim 5:23) - just go to a conference. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:11 PM - "One time Jesus didn't heal instantaneously." There was a purpose for that. Don't try to cover your poor theology. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:17 PM - I have a healing to report. I had a paper cut earlier, and it hurt, but now it's not there. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:25 PM - "I put my hand over my eye and claimed it." Some form of name it and claim it theology just confirmed. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:30 PM - Why is it at these faith healings, it's always conditions you can't readily see or notice? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:33 PM - Even if signs, wonders and healings are done, is that enough to accept it all? No - theology matters. (Deu 13:1-3) #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

NOTE: Here they started warming up into Session 5, given by Mike Bickle regarding the Lord's Prayer.

7:53 PM - If the Lord is directly moving #ihopkc then those who oppose them are opposing God. #PrayerProphetic

7:56 PM - The first Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians; the second Temple was obliterated by the Romans. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:06 PM - Isa 62:6 has generally been understood as generally ministers of the Gospel, not specifically "intercessors" #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:09 PM - Wait, did Isa 62:6 just become used to ask for donations? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

NOTE: For those who are curious about the context in the previous tweet, this is what happened. Isaiah 62:6 was cited, and the part regarding the watchmen on the walls was emphasized. During the prayer before the collection plates were passed around, the IHOP-KC official basically asked God to "raise up watchmen" to answer the needs of the ministry. In other words, if you want to be a watchman like God wants, you better donate.

8:27 PM - Just a thought - what would have happened if Mike Bickle backed up his text to Mt 6:7? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:55 PM - Ah, here's our first plug for the house of prayer movement. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

9:03 PM - Rev 2:1-5 says Ephesus was heavily missionary but didn't pray enough? Where is that in the verses? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

9:04 PM - "Why does God want to talk to me?" #mikebickle Given the abuse of scripture, it can't be God talking to you. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

9:10 PM - Where exactly does the Lord's Prayer say God's will being done and kingdom coming are dependent upon us? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

9:23 PM - I see people walking forward, and part of me desires to see people walking out. #PrayerProphetic ihopkc

9:24 PM - Cue manipulative use of music. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

9:30 PM - I am praying, though for different reasons. But it is also for all those in that room right now. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

October 13

NOTE: Here I came in during Misty Edwards's lecture for Session 4. My fiance was actually watching with me for this session.

2:44 PM - Somewhere in the Middle East, Isaiah is rolling over in his grave. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

2:46 PM - Listening to #mistyedwards speaks, I can't help but think about 1 Ti 2:12 and 1 Co 14:34 #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

2:51 PM - Can't go far in an #ihopkc sermon without the Book of Revelation being mentioned. #PrayerProphetic

2:55 PM - I'm hearing a lot of bold eschatology and very little scriptural exposition. This isn't instruction and edification #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

3:09 PM - Funny thing about the tribulation, John said he was a "partner in the tribulation" (Re 1:9) It's existed a while #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

3:12 PM - I can't help but feel many times eschatology supersedes soteriology. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

3:23 PM - My fiance on this lecture: "I have no idea what she's talking about." #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

3:26 PM - We're not expositing God's word, we're expositing someone's dream. Jer 23:28 #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

3:37 PM - Baptize their hearts, O Lord, for them to see the true "crisis of truth" among them. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

NOTE: Here I began tweeting during the worship music.

6:04 PM - Surely there are other lyrics to this song. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

6:05 PM - Tonight's topic: "What the Spirit is Saying about the Church" - the Spirit has already spoken in scripture. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

6:13 PM - Tonight Mike Bickle is going to touch on Acts 2. I wrote on his misunderstanding of it http://bit.ly/SOiv9w  #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

6:14 PM - To summarize the last tweet: read the context and history - it's about Pentecost and Jerusalem destroyed by Romans. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

6:38 PM - Screaming for God to do something while singing nonstop - didn't the Priests of Baal do that? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

6:41 PM - OK, I'm serious - is this singing or chanting? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

6:47 PM - This is neither Christian singing nor worship. This is New Age inspired, meditation, repetitive nonsense. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

6:49 PM - If you want to "know what God's thinking" and "don't know," you're in luck - God put it in His writ, it's all here. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

6:52 PM - "God is raising up sons of thunder" - Wasn't that meant as a semi-insult against John? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

NOTE: I actually corrected myself here. The idea that the "sons of thunder" title may have been an insult was from their suggestion that fire be rained down on a Samaritan village that rejected Jesus (Luke 9:54), however most commentators believe it to be in reference to their zeal in preaching.

6:57 PM - Work up the crowd by music, then speak to them with messages. This is like a political rally. Emotion-driven #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:03 PM - Some of this singing reminds me of Dr. Moreau. "That is the Law, are we not men? That is the Law, are we not men?" #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:05 PM - I should take my Bible and sing, "I am reading, reading. I am reading, reading. I am reading, reading..." #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:07 PM - Ah, the cold calling healing. Here we go... #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:09 PM - Is Vangelis the worship leader? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:14 PM - "Excuse me - what does God need with a musical kick?" #williamshatner #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:22 PM - Surely they're baptized already. Are we Anabaptists? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:26 PM - "A revelation of the zeal of your love." He already showed you. It's called the cross. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:29 PM - We're hearing a testimony of what Jesus has done through #ihopkc . Usually testimonies are about what Jesus did alone. #PrayerProphetic

7:31 PM - "What better way to know God than a 24/7 prayer place?" How about the grace of the Spirit? The power of the word? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:34 PM - "If Jesus is real, this is what Christianity should look like." Upon what basis? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:36 PM - Testimony similarities: no real faith before; they desired "more"; #ihopkc solved all their problems #PrayerProphetic

7:47 PM - "The Lord is putting on our hearts..." in olden times, that was called scripture. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:48 PM - Leaving the prayer room webcast on is a blessing? That's borderline idolatry. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:52 PM - Having the relic of a saint is a blessing. Having the prayer room playing is a blessing. How is either different? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

7:53 PM - "Supernaturally provide" - ie., don't worry, give as much as possible, God will foot the bill. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

NOTE: The following are the tweets during the final session, Session 8, done by Mike Bickle.

8:02 PM - "What is the Spirit saying to/about the church?" Read the Bible. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:05 PM - Why is Isa 60:2 about the end times? One could say it was fulfilled in Mt 4:13-16. Plus there's no "deep darkness." #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:05 PM - I posted this earlier, but again - examining Bickle's misuse of Joel 2/Acts 2 http://bit.ly/SOiv9w  #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:07 PM - "We do not honor a dream or vision that doesn't honor the written word of God." That is false. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:07 PM - "No one knows that day or hour, but we're in that generation." Ah, semantics. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:12 PM - #mikebickle warning us about false religions is a bit like Stalin warning us about Hitler. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:13 PM - "The Lord visited me in Cairo..." - RUN. RUN RUN RUN. RUN AWAY. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:17 PM - How does one know the difference between fake and fluff declarations of what God has said? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:19 PM - "I'm going to change Christianity." That's what God told Joseph Smith initially, too... #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:21 PM - Did God not have the foreknowledge to know about the future lawsuits from the already trademarked IHOP? #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:25 PM - Eph 5:27 is about our glorification by God's justification and purification, not an end-time state. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:29 PM - Mal 4:5-6 is about John the Baptist, not us or something we have to do (Mt 17:12; Mk 9:13) #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:30 PM - "We don't know what 'generation' means." Sure, if you ignore the context the readers understood it as. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:32 PM - The "great and dreadful day of the Lord" is the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:40 PM - #mikebickle misuses 1 Co 12:31. Paul is talking about those with the gifts of prophecy, not everyone #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc #context

8:51 PM - Acts 3 is not on Israel restored. It's calling the listeners to repent. Not all from Abraham are of him (Rom 9:7) #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:55 PM - Some truth is being presented. A pity it is being done so in the midst of so much error. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

8:58 PM - Regarding Bickle's notes: Jer 23:20 is not about forerunners, but the Babylonian invasion and warnings clear then. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

9:02 PM - I do pray now - that those in it may see the error and flee, casting off their yoke. Amen, amen. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

9:02 PM - Such manipulative use of music. This truly does make me sad. Help them see through it, Lord. #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc

9:04 PM - Do not pray for dreams or visions, Christian - simply pray for sanctification, and thank God for your justification #PrayerProphetic #ihopkc