Monday, August 12, 2013

Cult Lessons from Boy Meets World

My wife and I recently watched this episode of Boy Meets World, and, aside from how well it seemed to handle the issue of cults or cult-like organizations without going too over the top, I was amazed at how it also didn't sacrifice the idea of God and truth. I couldn't help but think of a few organizations or leaders I've run into or studied while watching it.

Another thing that fascinated me: this was made in the mid-1990's, barely twenty years ago, and it's hard to imagine a show today featuring a character asking another "Did you believe in God?", or featuring a character praying to God at the climax. For certain, it doesn't necessarily take the side of a specific religion (ie., Sean doesn't pray to Christ or anything like that), but nonetheless it would be bold for today's standards.

By the by, I probably sympathize with Mr. Feeny the most in this episode...