Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Podcast: What Happened at OneThing VA Beach

The following is the latest podcast, featuring a conversation that happened between myself and Allen Hood, Associate Director of the International House of Prayer and President of their university (IHOPU), at the OneThing Regionals Conference in Virginia.

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  1. Tony,

    Thanks for posting this audio. I lived in KC and was involved with IHOP-KC for 6 years from around 2007 - 2013.

    I know it's been a long time since this post, but I just wanted to add my thoughts.

    I would think that at this point in his life, Allen Hood would be almost incapable of answering questions that cause him to consider that the man he has committed so much of his life to may not actually be leading a worldwide move of God. Mr. Hood's life is so entwined with the idea he is "second in command" of an End Times move of God that for him to come to a realization it is not true would be an almost unbearably devestating blow to his self-conception of who he is as a logical, discerning, intelligent man.

    Any questions about IHOP are questions about the validity of his life's work. When Bickle is questioned, Mr. Hood will feel as if his livelihood and the place from which he has received authority, good-standing, financial gain, and approval is being questioned. Mr. Hood believes himself to be at the point of God's spear striking the earth to bring truth into darkness; unfortunately, Mr. Hood derives his significance not from the preaching of the gospel and love towards others but in the implementation of the Mr. Bickle's agenda, which Mr. Hood believe is synonymous with God's agenda. Therefore, he simply cannot think logically about any questions he may be posed that, if he were to think too long about them, might be the cause of the crumbling of the foundation of his entire life. Perhaps, if he is a Christian, IHOP could be taken from him and he would still find his foundation to be the solid rock of Christ; however, I fear this is probably not the case.

    Mr. Hood has trained himself, and been trained by Mr. Bickle, to never thoughtfully consider any opinions that chip away at the carefully constructed narrative that Mr. Bickle is an prophet and apostle, and IHOP is God's creation. Think of how devestating it would be to discover these things are not true.

    You were talking to a brick wall of conviction fortified by decades of false teaching, secrets, cover-ups, deception, and hype. Perhaps your conversation with him was one more chip in the armor, but it's going to take a true move of God to make a dent. Sometimes, I believe that may be possible.

    1. Anonymous, thank you for your response.

      I've received quite a few people contacting me regarding this podcast, most of them former IHOP-KC or IHOPU attendants. They tell me that this is the sort of treatment they received from others whenever they questioned Bickle's teachings, or asked questions that led into contrary thought.

      In regards to Allen Hood, this encounter saddened me in regards to my opinion of his personality. Before this, I actually had some respect for him, as he always comes across as the most rational and intelligent of IHOP-KC's leaders. I'll have to dig up the raw audio (I recently transferred to a new laptop, and I'm not certain what I kept and what I lost), but there's a part before I spoke with Hood where I was going on about my high view of him, among Bickle's followers.

      I think you're absolutely right that, in order for Allen Hood to question Bickle and IHOP-KC, he would have to in essence question his role with everything. That's why, when questions about doctrine came up, he threw up the blinders. Whether it was an ad hominem (eg., "You're a cessationist"), or an accusation (eg., "You just want to argue"), or even a spiritual threat (eg., "God will judge you for how you're treating Mike Bickle"), he couldn't present anything sincerely responding to my concerns. He's definitely fed into the Bickle teaching that, if someone questions the end-times movement, that's just the enemy coming at you.

      I do hope and pray that, in the future, maybe he'll think on this and reflect on it. One thing I didn't mention in the podcast is that there were some people from the church standing by, listening, including one of the elders. None of them said anything during it, and the elder actually gave my wife and I a friendly greeting later when he passed by us. However, I hope that this interaction served to maybe awaken them to the error of this movement. I hope they could see and recognize that one side was throwing bluster, while the other was pressing serious concerns about the abuse of scripture and the historical legitimacy of this movement. We probably won't know until the other side of resurrection.

      God bless.