Friday, April 18, 2014

Chris Rosebrough Interviews Televangelist Brian Powers

Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith interviews Brian Powers, televangelist and supposed faith healer. Chris is as blunt as ever, and holds Brian to the scriptures, resulting in Brian self-destructing about midway through and going into a meltdown.

Here is the link.

Among the things I noticed from Brian Powers, that I have noticed others who partake in or support those in the Hyper-Charismatic/Neo-Pentecostal circles:
  • A complete and utter inability to answer any direct question (here especially regarding the Trinity, his personal sin, etc.), usually going off on another tangent instead.
  • A double standard in regards to accusing someone of harping on doctrine (eg., Trinity), while at the same time accusing others of violating Christian doctrine (eg., Charismatic Gifts of the Spirit).
  • Almost zero knowledge of church history.
  • Claiming that God warned him there would be skeptics (ie., people discerning his teachings).
  • Making bold claims that are never backed up.
  • A continued argument from accomplishment (eg., "How many signs and wonders you done, we done a lot," etc.).
  • Responding to Biblical discernment with great hostility.
  • Responding to any exegesis with, "Well, that's your opinion!"
  • An understanding of the Bible that contradicts sola scriptura and emphasizes personal experience.
  • Divine authority placed upon statements and positions.
  • Tries to change the subject into a matter of cessationism versus continuationism.
  • Ad hominem attacks (including an accusation that the other person is "religious," "arrogant," having an "argumentative spirit," or a Pharisee), and generally showing great disrespect towards those with contrary opinion.
Much of what Chris Rosebrough encountered with Brian Powers is similar to what I encountered with Allen Hood at OneThing VA Beach.