Friday, April 25, 2014


The following is a take on the song "Stars," from Les Miserables.
There, out on the websites,
A couple of videos
Showcasing me
Talking 'bout me
Raised in the jihad.
I never shall rest
Till there's no more to see
Till those sad bloggers flee

I know some people up on top
I've got some fanboys to boot
Those who challenge the past of the Caners
I'll strike with lawsuits
And when I lie
As Lucifer lied
You see my fruit.

In their multitudes
Scarce to be counted
All filled with darkness,
Distorting God's light
Thank Baal for seminaries
Silent and blind
Feigning things are alright
Just calling day for night

They know I moved as a teen
And I make consistent claims
I say I was born in
Sweden, or Turkey...
Well, it's never the same
But if I lie as Lucifer lied
I use Christ's name

And in the masjid
I received my teachings
Through all forty days of Ramadan
Then I fell at an altar and cried,
Isa bin Allah!

Lumpkins go stop them
Those who oppose me
Take down their blogs
But I'll never yield!
I'll keep up this game
'Til I'm judged for my lies!