Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Thirty Years

Today, I have left the 20's, and have hit the big three-oh. What can I say after all this time? There are so many blessings to look back upon.

I thank God for His providence, and for His care and discipline, which has sanctified me over time, turning me from a child of God into a man of God.

I thank God for my wife, who is one of the greatest gifts in my life. I likewise thank Him for the blessing and the fruit currently growing in her womb.

I thank God, most of all, for the fact that He has permitted me to not only live 30-years in this brief moment of life, but that, before anything else, He has called me into His flock. I thank God the Father for His love for me before my existence. I thank God the Son for justifying me on the cross, paying the price for every one of my sins which I could not pay, nor ever hope to pay. I thank God the Holy Spirit for securing and marking me for the day of resurrection, when I shall be found holy and blameless before God.

Whether or not I live 30 more years or 30 more seconds from this blog post, I thank God that He has shown His grace, mercy, and love upon me, a miserable sinner.